TF Works Honda Meet

Local performance shop powerhouse and parts distributor TF Works is known for hosting a variety of themed-meets throughout the season. Last Sunday was the Honda one, specifically S2000s, Type Rs, and NSXs, although all types of Hondas, and non-Hondas showed up. My original plan was to come to the meet and flex my new aero, but that didn’t happen in time (more on this in a later post). However, my daily is a Honda, so it still kind of worked out. I brought my stock FK7 to the meet and snapped some cool pics. Although it was super hot, the cars were dope, and it was nice talking to everyone. Enjoy this photodump!

Upon arrival, it was a sea of Civic Type Rs. Naturally, the best spots in the lot were reserved for Honda’s newest and baddest creation.

Lovely white CTR on a set of Enkei wheels.

It’s just such a cool logo!

White CTR sporting a Spoon decal, and Volk Racing ZE40s. Beautiful.

I’m not sure what this says, but it’s a nice touch.

Black CTR rocking a Cusco strut tower bar, and yellow fog lights.

Pristine engine bay.

“Earth Dreams.”

Interesting red accents on this CTR.

Across from the CTR line up was an S2000 lineup. Notice the variety of colors here, vs the CTRs.

Hard to argue with a proper-looking AP1!

Victor’s (@vortizzzz) lovely AP2.

Voltex aero and Enkei NT03s on this red one.

Simple AP1 on TE37s. Loving the Spoon decal.

A legit race car. It’s gotten some new stuff since I last saw it.

Everett’s slammed S2000 rocking deep dish Work wheels, overfenders, and the CWest Type 2 bumper.

Beautiful AP2 on Titan 7 wheels. Enormous StopTech brakes behind the spokes.

This gunmetal color contrasts nicely against all the red.

Nice EM1 Civic with clear signs of battle.

Incredibly clean JDM EG hatch on RPF1s.

Allen’s FRS is always the crowd pleaser.

Insanely clean NA1 on white TE37s.

Ginash’s NA2 on Advan RG2s.

It began to get hot, so I went inside to hang out for a bit.

Weds Kranze LXZ are some of my all-time favorite wheels. Wish they made them in 86-spec.

More JDM wheel goodness.

A couple of complete sets of wheels up for sale.

It just doesn’t get any more JDM than BRIDE x Vertex. The black and pink is so dope.

Very nicely done Blob Eye STI.

Steven’s super clean WRX on Rays 57CR. The foglight covers are a good look.

My daily driven FK7. It’s debadged, but it’s the Sport Hatchback CVT.

Slammed TSX I saw as I was leaving. Looks cool.

Gallery view here.

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