Wide Load

“Wider is always better.”

I first met Allen a few months ago at the Chitown Subarus Season Opener. I knew of him, and had seen his car before at a meet in late 2016. I remember back then, his FRS was sporting the Rocket Bunny V1 flares, with an Overlord Itasha, featuring Albedo.

Allen was largely absent from the local car scene in 2017, due to waiting for the arrival and install of his new VLENE widebody kit. It was well worth the wait.

The body kit and livery work in conjunction to be a perpetual assault on the eyes.

Being a big fan of JDM and anime, the Vlene widebody and Itasha wrap were natural choices. Allen’s goal with the FRS was to be the boldest, and most in your face build around, and all the elements of the car combine to achieve that. It is impossible to walk into a parking lot where this car is present, and not notice it. While hanging out with Allen and shooting the car, many people even came by to ogle it!

You may have also noticed the giant wing mounted to the trunk. It’s a rare Espirit piece, and while it doesn’t extend all the way to the ends of the fenders, it is massive, and in my opinion, appropriately sized for the car. Beyond the spoiler is the TRD Louver piece, which covers the rear window.

You may also have noticed his lighting setup is different. The front turn signals, rear taillights, and fourth brake light are all custom creations from P.LUXE, a custom lighting solution company based out of NYC. The taillights come with their own remote control for different animations, and they look absolutely bonkers. All of the components do strobe, however.

The detail of the Sakuras within the front turn signals is beautiful. These items are one-off designs from P.LUXE, making Allen the only one in the world with these. Allen also has plans for custom headlights in the future.

Sticking out past the diffuser is the Touge Factory axle-back exhaust. It features titanium construction, with a burnt finish on the tips. It is extremely loud for an axle-back! However, Allen plans to swap over to the Arqray titanium exhaust setup later.

The interior has been tastefully appointed with a handful of JDM goodies. The steering wheel is a rare Greddy x In4mation item featuring wood trim mounted via a Works Bell quick release & hub. The FRS plastic center dash trim has also been replaced by the much more lux-feeling 2017 Toyota 86 trim piece.

You really can’t beat the look of a classic woodgrain steering wheel! Gives the interior an old-school look.

This “Oni” shift knob is also a Greddy x In4mation piece.

The seats are BRIDE BRIX II reclinables, which sit in front of a Cusco half roll cage.

Having also ridden in the FRS, I was surprised by how compliant and comfortable the ride quality was. The secret behind that smooth ride is TRD lowering springs. Allen has tasted both the bagged and static coils life, and he believes that for normal driveability, springs are the best option. I was really surprised, given how low the car looks, but it’s an optical illusion being played by the widebody kit, and giant wheels.

Speaking of wheels, they are some massive LeonHardiritt Bugels – 19×9.5 -15 up front, and 19×10.5 -23 in the rear. They are enormous, with some serious dish. The wheels are wrapped in 245/35R19s in the front, and 265/30R19s in the rear. Serious rubber for serious wheels. This wheel setup will also be swapped out soon – for some 326 Power Yabaking Spoke wheels. Allen also plans to add some more visual weight behind the wheels via a RunDuce big brake kit.

The trunk houses yet more surprises in the form of an air tank – remnants of his old Air Lift setup. Everything is still hooked up, and works – it just isn’t connected to anything. Allen plans to go back to an air setup in the future to give the car a more aggressive stance when parked.

Overall, it’s a very visually stunning car, although it doesn’t have much in the way of performance upgrades. But that’s not the point of the build.

The goal is meant to be a knockout punch to the eyes, and to that end, it is very successful. Where Allen has not yet found a fitting panel to replace on the exterior, or had extra room, he’s added graphics, or a rare, authentic JDM part. Peep the Craft Square mirrors above!

If you don’t recognize the characters, they are the female cast of High School of the Dead. The hood features Sara Takagi (left), and Shizuka Marikawa (right).

The driver side features Saeko Busujima.

The passenger side features Rei Miyamoto.

Allen has some crazy updates planned for his already insane build, and I can’t wait to see his vision come together. I’ll definitely have to revisit this car once the new parts are installed. In the meantime, you can follow him on his Instagram.

Be sure to check out the portfolio view with complete parts list here.

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wide load..teehee

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