The Widest Kid

This car has given me endless opportunities.

Almost every car enthusiast will claim they want to do something different, or make something unique. But how many of us can actually say we followed through with that?

Oscar is all about rare, unobtanium parts. The kind of products that say “1 of…” on them, or have people asking “what is that?” Aside from the obvious body kit, the entire car is riddled with custom, or extremely rare items.

We can start with the obvious Stancenation x Aimgain v2 widebody kit. I had only seen these on the internet prior to meeting Oscar, but it is truly a sight to behold. The over-fenders are simply enormous, and add a lot of girth to the car’s profile. It is hard to believe this thing started as a Scion FRS.

The body kit actually does not come with the 2017 86 front bumper, presumably because a reproduction by Aimgain would be considered replica. I assume not including the front bumper also keeps the cost of the kit down.

Unlike every other widebody kit for the 86 platform, the Aimgain fenders do not need to be riveted on. The fronts are full replacements, and the rears are attached via clamps hidden behind the fenders. The clamps were provided by Ulterior Motives, a shop out in California, and this allows for the fenders to be removed and installed in minutes.

The headlights are custom Winjet units, refinished in black with a rainbow flake. The front end is tied together with black accents on the front bumper.

The tail lights are Lexon triple bar units, which is a welcome change from the sea of Valenti units usually seen at 86 meets.

The car’s signature slammed look is achieved via Air Lift bags, and 3P management. Believe it or not, this is actually pretty close to his ride height! I have personally always been a big believer of “drive it like you park it.”

The wheels are the always good-looking CR2P from Work Wheels; classic two-piece wheels in a silver finish, with red center caps. They are some of the widest wheels I’ve seen, at 18×11 in the front, and 18×12.5 in the rear. In fact, I believe 12.5 inches is the widest Work wheel ever made, and it is the only pair in the world.

In order to make this height and wheel set-up work, a lot of suspension components were needed, including control arms, extended ball joints and tie rods front Racer X, toe arms from SPC, and custom trailing arms.

It is a little hard to see clearly, but the Aimgain diffuser which accompanies the kit has been hydro dipped in a carbon fiber pattern, which looks incredible. I also dig the no-spoiler look in the rear.

Aside from the Invidia N1 catback exhaust, there are no engine modifications. Who needs to go fast when you look this good?

The interior has also been modified, with a lot of re-upholstery. Red is the theme here, and it looks insane against the cream-colored body.

Seats were wrapped in a Clazzio leather cover with quilted accents, and more red was added via Corbeau harness pads.

Most of the work was done by Oscar, with the exception of an alignment!

Oscar has been offered many opportunities because of this car, and it is easy to see why. The car looks amazing, and I could really feel his passion for the car when discussing and shooting the car with him. Visually, this is one of the most complete FRS builds I’ve seen, and I cannot wait to see what other projects Oscar has lined up!

Be sure to show him love on Instagram, and check out the portfolio page with a complete parts list.

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